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Laid Out Magazine Issue 2

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Here to show the talent we have here in Texas and bringing you the latest news on who we think should get the Texas Vote. The Texas Vote is who we think needs to represent Texas at all the competitions in the world. undiscovered talent is what we are looking for to help you promote your brand, you.


Filming and video editors are so important for the upcoming skaters who have that one friend who likes to get clips with their phones. We would like to showcase some those who put down the board to get those clips for the homie who is killin it and putting together these videos that we all love to watch.


Underground music is on the rise and we want you to know who to watch out for. Lets find out more on what drives these local underground rock stars.


Art is a way to express who we are and showing it to the world. These masterpieces sometimes only last days and we will do our best to show you what the local artist are doing in our Texas cities.


Do our best to inform you about events and get some awesome f-ing  photos and interviews for you.

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Local Businesses

Supporting local businesses is essential for our community. Not only are you paying for a product or service, you are supporting someones passion and dreams. Skateshops, salons, specialty foods and etc; are not just a job, these individuals love what they do and we get to benefit from it.

Why Laid Out?

One night after skating at the Lee and joe Jamail skatepark, or as those in the know call it, the downtown skatepark, I made a quick stop at Kroger for some brew. While in the parking lot I ran into Aaron who works at the skate park. He was telling me how he was skating and got “laid out” and how it had been a minute since he was laid out. At that moment I knew the name of the magazine would be Laid Out.

I remember when I first started skating and would constantly fall. Then one day when you think you are a pro, you try that one trick, first air over coping, first 50-50 on a rail, or first ollie over some stairs, and something goes terribly wrong during the attempt of this trick. You open you eyes and can’t breath; it feels like you are going to die. Everyone huddles around you and you can see the concern on their faces. You slowly come too and still in pain, then you start to think something is broke and you feel for blood. All clear, but that’s when you realize you’ve been laid out. Some people run home crying, never to be seen again after they get laid out. If you’re that type of person, this site isn’t for you. However, if you’re the type that waits for the pain to subside so you can try it again and get the high of landing what almost killed you, then you will love this site.

Getting up after you get laid out is not just something skaters do to keep trying after falling, it’s a life philosophy. When you get laid out by life, wait for the pain to go away and get your ass up and push forward.