34th Annual EZ-7 Turkey Jam

On November 25, 2017, another Turkey Jam in the history books and the tradition of families and friends gathering at this sacred ground to skate, compete, watch, hang out, and just have fun continues.

Dustin (Doo Doo) Nichols

Thank you to all those who support and put this event together, all the sponsors, surf house and especially Aaron Estrada. Aaron with his play by play announcing for the competition and sense of humor to keep the crowd and skaters engaged was the best. Also would like to say thank you to band Warlung who played live during the Distinguished Gents (old man) and longest grind competition which closed out the event. Live and loud music taps in to the inner super skating part of the brain and makes us (skaters) try some crazy shit.

Zach Castillo
Max Peterson

This years attendance was the largest I have personally seen, and have attended the Turkey Jam for years. Started out as a competitor/spectator but enjoy capturing as much of the event as possible to share with the great state of TEXAS. Moving from spot to spot, watching in amazement while trying to capture everyones signature moves on the lined up parking blocks, DIY bird bath, the channel, and ditch itself leaves the creativity of tricks to ones own imagination. Ethan (Nugget) Manahan with a caveman into the bird bath from a tree limb, Adam Wiggins shredding every part of the ditch with a beer in hand not wasting a drop, Mike Niemann crail sliding the birdbath and much more.

Ethan (Nugget) Manahan
Adam Wiggins
Mike Niemann

The best part of all the filming and photos was when standing behind the birdbath and when each of the powerful skaters came through grinding the worn down coping, the aluminum trucks broke off pieces of rock and concrete hitting me and the camera and I felt right at home. Thank you Turkey Jam for another great year!

Watch for the 34th Annual Turkey Jam montage coming soon and you do not want to miss it.