Without music, how would you get through the day? Even with all the genres, you’re sure to find something that fits you, but for us on this Laid Out site, we like something a little heavier, with more metal sound. Nothing beats a great skate video with the right jam in the background, Music and skating go together like peanut butter and jelly.

We will be highlighting the local underground bands who play in these filthy, loud, rowdy, and violent mosh pit grunge bars almost every night, even if the only person listening is one lone bar patron or other bands in the line up showing love and there to support their brothers. Gigs and parties all night still having to work the full time job in the morning. Playing in empty bars, objects thrown and being booed. Why do they do it? Because of the love and passion they have for making music, with the hopes that one day word will spread about the unique sound they jam and that their recognition will give them opportunity to live their dream, sharing their fears , feelings and deepest thoughts in music that we can all relate to in a therapeutic way, creating playlist after playlist, empowering us to push through the pain or the day.

Videos from the underground.