Texas Ladies Representation @ Exposure, the World Series for Women’s Skateboarding

Exposure – World Series for Ladies Skateboarding


Known as the World series for ladies skateboarding, the 2017 Exposure competition went down at the Encinitas community center skatepark in Encinitas, California November 3rd and 4th 2017. There were Street, Bowl, and Vert qualifiers and finals. Girls and women from the world were competing for the top spot, US, Japan, Brazil, Australia, France, Germany, and more. We are stoked to have 4 young ladies from Texas who will be representing us, Kendra Long 11 -Vidor, Raina Saenz 15 – Houston, Jordan Santana 13 – Houston, and Marisa Garcia 24 – Austin . These four are a power house and we definitely showed supported for them.

This is Kendra’s second year attending and placed 1st in the 14 and under division for street her first year.  This year we are excited to say she has done it again with another 1st in AM street and placed 15th in pro for street out of 30 girls!  She was very excited about this year and has been putting in the time everyday except for Sunday to let  her body a chance to recover. Kendra is a force to be reckoned with when on the street course, everything from board slides, 50-50 down the hubba, and kick flips down a long 4 set. Won’t be long till we see her at the X Games.

Jordan going on 3rd year coming to this event and was very confident and exited.  Her first year she placed 9th, second year placing 6th and this year she placed 3rd which put her on the podium. Jordan came with an arsenal of tricks, inverts, board slide to fake, Gay twist, and etc. the competition was fierce but she held her ground all the way to the last run. Jordan did say she would continue to work hard for the next event.

Photo: Israel Santana Photo: Israel Santana Photo: Israel Santana

Raina with her first big competition and had to figure out how not to let her nerves get the best out of her. She also was very excited for the opportunity to compete in this event, but felt intimidated by the talent she saw the first day. After working through the stage fright, Raina showed she was no push over. Massive 50-50’s, FS Indy airs with a boned out nose, BS 5-0 grinds, and etc.. She placed 3rd in Vert, 4th in Bowl and 17th in Street. Let us see what next year will bring.

 Photo: Ken Hada

This was also Marisa’s first time competing in Encinitas’s and definitely brought the the southern hospitality to this event. She will be competing in Bowl and Vert and was very nervous about the event but felt the energy from all the other female skaters and shredded the entire time she was there. She placed 19th for Bowl, and 7th for Vert, we look forward to seeing her progress in the future.

Great job to the four of you!

You represented Texas well!


Exposure Results


Marisa Garcia

7th – AM Vert Finals- 15 & up

19th – AM Bowl Qualifiers – 15 & up


Kendra Long

1st – AM Street Finals – 14 & under

15th- Pro Street


Raina Saenz

3rd – AM Vert Finals  – 15 & up

4th – AM Bowl Finals – 15 & up

17th – AM Street Qualifiers – 15 & up


Jordan Santana

3rd – AM Bowl Final – 14 & Under